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a bit of a post.
in a rush

Has anyone seen Gus?

I only just moved back in here, so I don't know whether this is a regular thing or not, but I haven't seen him since before... our interesting weekend.

I've looked for him - all his things are still in the apartment. I doubt he's left like the others.

I'd really like to know where he is. If he's with anyone, or can read this, please let me know.

[008] Falling is like this.
Tim's Shades
[Video. Tim is on the beach, lying on the sand. His crutches--yes, John, he's using them again like he should--are lying on the ground next to him while his hands are laced behind his head. He's looking up at the sky.]

I have a list. Of crazy, stupid, or whatever things that I've never done but kind of want to. Like dive off a cliff. Recreationally. Or get a tattoo. I have a design, but Bruce would actually give birth to a litter of kittens if I got one. I still kind of want to. Like I said. Stupid stuff.

Does anyone else have a list like that?

If this is a dream, why can't we fly?

[Are any of you really real?]

I think I'm going to build a sand city later, if anyone wants to join me.

For those of you who knew him, I believe that Johnny Storm is not here any more. He has not been in our room for the past few days.

If anybody wishes to talk to me, I shall be in the bar. [DRINKING AWAY MY SORROWS, fuck you limbo. D:]

двадцать два: business.
don't bother me
Does anyone know how to develop film? Or have the equipment to do so?

I apologise if anyone does not particularly wish to discuss this, but I would rather know more than less. If anyone kept hold of their films - water damage permitting, I'd like to develop as many as I can. If you want the pictures back, you can have them, but if not, I'd like to keep them.

[Private to Shura]

I'm coming up to see you. Coffee or beer? I'll bring one or the other.

[Private to Kent - audio]

I'm sorry I... didn't follow up with you on the ship.

[Private to Svetlana - Russian, but written.]

If I can find someone with the equipment, I'll be needing your film. Don't tell me it got salt water in it.

Also, a long time since Komsomol, isn't it?

Eff this and eff that and just eff everything. Also audio
amused- good try but no deal
Back to normal, are we? This place still isn't normal. I looks normal., it isn't normal anymore.

Dammit. [She laughs.] This is the worst dream I've ever had. I need more colour. This whole place is gray. Gray, gray, gray.

I bet you see green in it, don't you? Enjoy that.

Paint, though. Paint would be good. Then this place would be a little more welcoming.

ten - voice
oh god that's horrible
We don't have a McDonalds! What the hell?! I've looked all over this stupid place and no McDonalds. I thought that if anything were to work, then that would. This place sucks. What sort of crappy dream is this where we can't dream up buildings or things like that?

[There's no comment about the ghost event or the Titanic, because a) Marco's trying to internalize this the best he can and not think on it too much and b) WTF DUDE, NO MCDONALDS.]

24.0. the line between reality and not.
caught unawares
[There's a grating sound. Like someone's scratching something across the table. Sue's voice is just very... flat.]

Y'ken, when I was pissed as hell on a sinkin' ship... I kinda thought I might die. Kinda thought I might wake up, though, too.

I did. Jus' with sand in me mouth. Again.

[More scratching, and a slight clatter.]

Perhaps all reality's imaginary. Perhaps all imagination is real. Who the fuck kens?

But dying matters. As does what a complete arse and pisshead I was... las' night? So I'm sorry to yous guys.

Morgana, I owe you. [scratching starts again.] Goin' to bed now, I think. [and she hangs up.]

Entry 15. audio
[John opens up the feed but doesn't say anything immediately. He waits a few seconds, probably either staring intently at a wall or looking blankly at his phone. When he does speak - only after he sighs resignedly - he just sounds kind of tired.]

If you're hurt....doctors. St Barts. Just down the road. If you can't come to us, we can make a house call.

Don't wait to get medical attention.

[And yep, that's about all John Watson wants to say at the moment.]

I'm locked up somewhere downstairs below. Going up to anyone in a uniform and telling them the boat's going to sink maybe wasn't the best idea. [She also tried breaking into the bridge and hit an officer with a shoe when he tried to stop her. But never mind the petty details.]

Not to be a bother, but a rescue'd be nice right about now.

[private to Sue]

Sorry I never found you to give you those trousers. Bit busy.

[6] Ship of Dreams? Try Ship of Nightmares.
Determined Cissie [AB]

[Cissie is up on deck; the sun is setting behind her, and she is in one extremely uncomfortable, fancy, heavy dress. Yay first class, but all these skirts aren't going to be helpful when the ship goes down.]

Okay. Look. We all know what's going to happen. Or--most of us do, and by now those of us who don't should have been told. Freaking out and panicking isn't going to help any of us survive this. This is going to happen sooner, rather than later.

So here's the first thing we all need to do. Get on the deck. Work together. We need to operate under the assumption that this ship is going to sink tonight, and we need to find a way to survive it. The worst place to be is below decks, so check in and get up here. If you need help getting out, tell someone. Let's put together what we know and make it through tonight.

entry 14. spoiler alert.
john throws his hands up in the air some
Everyone's just dancing around the subject, but I'm going to just come right out and say write it: tonight this boat's going to hit an iceberg. Congratulations on surviving the haunted house, but you're probably going to die once this whole thing gets going. Don't worry, I'm definitely going to die. A poor man stuck in steerage? They'll use my frozen corpse as a flotation device before they even think about letting me on to a lifeboat.

My corpse and Shura's built-in flotation devices, just hanging about in steerage. It's fun down here. Everyone pop on down and say hello. Just make sure you don't stay for too long.

If I had a watch I'd tell you how long we have until this boat sinks like a stone, but since I don't I'm just going to guess we have a few hours left. I recommend drinking while you can and maybe spending a little extra time locating the emergency exits.

And if somebody finds Kent, please tell me.

Go : If the boat doesn't kill them
Manga!Scary face
They think I'm a whore.

eleven : my heart will go on
you might be crazysauce
When I complained about wanting to see new things, I really didn't expect a horror story followed by a sinking ship. ... I guess this probably isn't the right time for a joke about loose lips, huh?


I never really understood the appeal of the movie Titanic when I was younger, but Kate Winslet's always really great, so you just pretend to like it, you know? Who's the main guy in that? I never realized how annoying these costumes are though.

..Is there an Admiral we should be talking to? A captain? Someone in charge?

[Private to Tim]
Do you think we're going to die?

[Private to Marco]
This seems like as good of a time as any to talk about our relationship, right? After the ghosts and almost dying and everything..

twelve. what do you mean this is a ship?
What in heaven's name is going on here? Why is it that these people will not look me in the eye, I asked very simple questions!

[After a few minutes a crew member answers said questions.]

Wait, this is a ship? A moveable island, more like! It just keeps ...going!

I think I need to sit down. Or drink. Preferably, both.

[Private to Marco]

Are you alright?

My hair, why is it---who did this!?

[HA HA HA. You're new money AND Irish! Have fun being snubbed in 1st class UNTIL YOU DIE IN THE FRIGID WATER BELOW! BUAHAHAAAHAHAH.]

двадцать один: sinking ships of destiny. and such.
This is unprecedented, I have to say. Reality is very variable, I've noticed.

[Private to John]

We both

Nobody died on my watch. Marco?

[Private to Kent]

You are here, aren't you?

[Private to Shura]

are you alri

Did you get any information about what that was?

IX: too purple for this.
[Hurried, but very precise writing.]

Someone help me! I can't... I don't know what half these things they want me to do are, and everyone keeps thinking I'm lazy or an idiot and this isn't fair!

none of this is fair.

This is Teppic. I'm... alive. [He thinks.] Jane? Angelica? Luigi? Anyone?

I just like using these icons
ot- surprised
I never thought that I would actually miss that city. But I really, really just want to go back right now.

Are we all here? Did you make it through with whoever you had with you? And, by any chance, did anyone keep their film?

[A few scribbles and scratchouts.]

This is a big ship. Or so I've been told. Eighty years ago. Almost ninety. And this is still a marvel.

Too bad.


23.0. fuck-a-duck.
off duty
[Sue's handwriting is terrible usually, but she's sat at the ship's bar getting slowly drunk whilst writing this. So it's awful and gets progressively worse through the post.]

Guys. Guys. I worked it out. We're on the fucking Titanic. I mean, it'd explain the twenties vibe and all we really need is a Celiene (is that how you spell it) Dion song. lol.

But seriously. Seriously. We're all gonna drown.

[some scribbles.] might wanna do something about that. I tried for ten minutes, but nobody takes me seriously without trousers.

Talking of which: I WANT SOME TROUSERS.

I also think these posh nobs are glaring at me. I mean reaaaaaaaally glaring at me. Might be the pint glass. sexist pigs.

Is everyone okay, though? I mean, I don't think I'm okay, but let's not talk about that, because I think that was like the dream meeting the computer game from hell and i just don't really want to think about it. let's not think about it, just tell me you're all alive and okay. yes, do that. because I give a shit. got to give a shit, even if I'm not wearing trousers and this beer tastes like crap.

[You can find Sue sat in a very posh bar, as she's a very posh passenger, drinking pints in a very unladylike fashion. She may end up singing Celine Dion later. You have been warned.]

entry visible to night one, notes visible to all
[His handwriting is very precise, the type of loopy cursive that all nobles studied. By the end of the notes however, it's a pretty illegible scribble.'s in French. Whoops.]

This place is a mystery. I do not know where I am, how I got here, or how to get home. I am with Shura, so others must be here, but I

[And the entry cuts off here. Lol, Raoul didn't realize this was public communication and stopped writing]

[And here are notes.]

under cutCollapse )

[Her handwriting is very neat and precise. At least at first. It gets worse as time goes on. She's also numbered her notes. I might add more along the way, and she'll reply to anyone that are left for her, since she'll be retracing her steps a lot.]

Alone and wanderingCollapse )


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